Social Dialogue: the most important tool for socially responsible reforms in security sector

The main objective of the project is to extend the knowledge and competences for an effective social dialogue's conducting and to develop skills for active and equal participation in decision – making process about reforms in Security Sector.

In order the objective to be achieved the changes and tendencies in the social dialogue and the role which trade unions from Bulgaria, Serbia and the Netherlands have in it will be identified.

It is extremely important the new role of the trade unions regarding the reforms in the Security sector to be in depth analyzed as mediator between the Government and the employees and in defending the rights of the workers
The development of skills of the trade union representatives for carrying out social dialogue in the new context of economic crisis and the national politics for decreasing the number of the employed people in the system has a key importance for the future of the police trade unions and the employees in the Security sector.

Therefore the partners' organizations will develop a number of effective solutions to the problems regarding the drastic changes in the new economic situation, which will be applicable at national and international level and will be bound with the objectives of Europe 2020 Strategy.

The project also envisages activities for increasing of the knowledge of trade union representatives and the government officials in each county, through promotion of the successes and the good practices from the effective and real social dialogue in the discussion and realization of the reforms in the Security sector.
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