Activities that will be implemented under the project: 
  1. Preparatory meeting on the draft allocation of tasks and responsibilities between partners / October 2012 / 
  2. Analyzing reforms in the last 12 years in "Security", the involvement of social partners in the process of evaluating the quality and effectiveness of reforms and social dialogue / November-December 2012 /
  4. Prepare and conduct a two-day workshop in Amsterdam / Jan-Feb 2013 / 
  5. Analyzing best practices in social dialogue and improving its quality and adapted to the specific practices in each country - project partner under the new context for social dialogue / March-April 2013 / 
  6. Prepare and conduct a two-day training in Belgrade / April-May 2013 / 
  7. Develop a plan with specific actions to be taken to improve the social dialogue at national and international level in the context of social dialogue in the "Security" / June 2013 / 
  8. Preparation of the book analyzes best practices for improving social dialogue in the languages ​​of the project partners and the English / July-August 2013 / 
  9. Prepare and conduct closing conference / Sept-Oct 2013 /
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