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  • Automated Define Automated at Dictionary

    Adaptation. Dallas McCord Reynolds. There is no direct correspondence between the literacy of emergent writing and that of automated writing and reading. The Civilization of Illiteracy. Mihai Nadin. British Dictionary definitions for automatedautomate. verb. to make (a manufacturing process, factory, etc) automatic, or (of a manufacturing

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  • Automatic Adaptation of Batch Logic to Changing Levels of

    Automatic Adaptation of Batch Logic to Changing Levels of Field Automation Automatic Adaptation of Batch Logic to Changing Levels of Field Automation Download (171 KB) Published Date: 2001 Abstract. As batch processes are automated, it is common to leave certain less essential field devices without automatic actuators. Thus, the initial

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  • Automated Scenario Adaptation in Support of Intelligent

    Automated Scenario Adaptation. Automated Scenario Adaptation is a process by which an intelligent computational system takes a manually authored scenario and a set of learning objectives customized to an individual, and "rewrites" the scenario, personalizing the content of the scenario. The personalized scenario then can

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  • The Automated Text Adaptation Tool.

    The Automated Text Adaptation Tool Jill Burstein, Jane Shore, John Sabatini, YongWon Lee & Matthew Ventura Eduional Testing Service Rosedale Road MS 12R Princeton, New Jersey 08541 {jburstein, jshore, jsabatini, ylee, mventura}@ets 1. Introduction Text adaptation is a teacher practice used to help with reading comprehension and English

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  • Customizing NMT Engines – Automated Indomain Adaptation

    LocWorld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. Attendees are the people responsible for communiing across the boundaries of language and culture in the global marketplace.

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  • NavChair: An Assistive Wheelchair Navigation System with

    NavChair: An Assistive Wheelchair Navigation System with Automatic Adaptation Richard C. Simpson1, Simon P. Levine2, David A. Bell3, Lincoln A. Jaros4, Yoram Koren 5, and Johann Borenstein 1 Metrica Corporation 1012 Hercules, Houston TX 77058 U.S.A.

    Published in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science · 1998Authors: Richard C Simpson · Simon P Levine · David Bell · Lincoln A Jaros · Yoram Koren · JohAffiliation: University of MichiganAbout: Speaker recognition · Adaptive control · Biological engineering · Bayesian network · MoChat Online
  • Automated tube voltage adaptation in head SpringerLink

    Latest commercially available software versions also include an automated adaptation of the image window to maintain the level of subjective noise whenever tube voltage is decreased. TVA algorithms can be additionally combined with other techniques for further dose reduction .

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  • Godapt Auto Adaptation

    Automated Graphic Adaptation Software for Global Brands GODAPT software was designed with global brands in mind, that wish to enforce strict campaign guidelines allowing: distribution, control, management and monitoring of your worldwide advertising campaigns The system is based on an innovative technology of dynamic ads adaptation for

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  • Automated vehicles and behavioural adaptation in Canada

    The current tests of automated vehicles (AVs) with human backup drivers and optinto a selfdriving car raise important questions regarding public awareness of the limitations of these vehicles.

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  • an automated adaptation of the lm2 ring mill

    An automated vibratory ring mill for preparing up to 1.8kg of ore or mineral for Mill is an "automated" adaptation of the very successful Essa LM2 batch ring mill . Vibratory disc mill / vertical / for mineral ore / for the DirectIndustry.

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  • Deep reinforcement learning for automated radiation

    We demonstrated that automated dose adaptation by DRL is a feasible and a promising approach for achieving similar results to those chosen by clinicians. The process may require customization of the reward function if individual cases were to be considered.

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  • REBOUND: A Framework for Automated Component

    We have developed a framework for automated component adaptation and composition, dubbed REBOUND (REuse Based On UNDerstanding). The function and interface aspects of a component are separated and then composed at reuse time to generate a component with the correct function and interface combination.

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  • Automatic Adaptation of Annotations mitpressjournals

    intrinsic principles of annotation adaptation, and then depict the three successively enhanced models for automatic adaptation of annotations. After the description of experimental results in Section 5 and the discussion of appliion scenarios in Section 6, we give a brief review of related work in Section 7, drawing conclusions in Section 8. 2.

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  • Automated Adaptation Apcerto

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  • Feasibility of automated proton therapy plan adaptation

    The availability of a delineated CT image fulfills the basic technical requirements for adaptation of the IMPT plan. Furthermore, the automated nature of the vCT generation and delineation may allow for plan adaptation with little increase to the clinical workload.

    Published in: Radiation Oncology · 2016Authors: Christopher Kurz · Reinoud Nijhuis · Michael Reiner · Ute Ganswindt · C Thieke · ClauAffiliation: Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichAbout: Bioinformatics · Oncology · Text mining · Radiation therapy · Cancer research · Head aChat Online
  • Semiautomated adaptation of service interactions

    In today's Web, many functionalitywise similar Web services are offered through heterogeneous interfaces (operation definitions) and business protocols (ordering constraints defined on legal operation invoion sequences).

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  • Automated PalletHandling System Offers More Control

    Automated PalletHandling System Offers More Control, Adaptation Makino has introduced a new design configuration for its MMC2 automated pallethandling system, which enables full compatibility with the company's a61nx5E fiveaxis horizontal machining center.

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  • Automated Speed Adaptation (ASA).doc scribd

    Automated Speed Adaptation (ASA) ABSTRACT—As automotive technology is improving day by day new technologies are being implemented in our cars/vehicles.

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  • Automated Adaptation Between Kiranti Languages CiteSeerX

    Automated adaptation holds potential to enable these large volumes of materials to be efficiently translated into the resourcescarce language. I describe a project to assess the feasibility of automatically adapting text between Limbu and Yamphu, two languages in Nepal's Kiranti grouping.

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  • automatic adaptation Spanish translation – Linguee

    Many translated example sentences containing "automatic adaptation" – SpanishEnglish dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

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  • Automatic Adaptation C.M. Schade MD, PhD CRPS (RSD

    Conclusions from Automatic Adaption. This study demonstrated the feasibility of a neurostimulation system with an accelerometer sensor that automatically adjusts stimulation amplitude based on sensed patient position. This work was supported through funding by Medtronic, Inc. Automatic Adaptation

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  • Automated Mining of Software Component Interactions for

    Automated Mining of Software Component Interactions for SelfAdaptation Eric Yuan Computer Science Dept. George Mason University [email protected] Naeem Esfahani Computer Science Dept. George Mason University [email protected] Sam Malek Computer Science Dept. George Mason University [email protected] ABSTRACT A selfadaptive software system should be

    Published in: software engineering for adaptive and self managing systems · 2014Authors: Eric Yuan · Naeem Esfahani · Sam MalekAffiliation: George Mason UniversityAbout: Data miningChat Online
  • Automated Adaptation of Business Process Models Through

    automated adaptation of the related business models, without an extension of the BPMN 2.0 standard. Keywords: Business process adaptation, Modeldriven transformation, BPMN 1 Introduction Business processes in organizations are changing over time, so their models need to be kept uptodate.

    Authors: Roman Popp · Hermann KaindlAffiliation: Vienna University of TechnologyChat Online
  • Automatic Adaptation to Fast Input Changes in a Time

    In contrast, the alternative, feedforward, implementation requires adaptation of its underlying cellular properties, which would be difficult to vary through a circuit nonlinearity. In this report, we introduced intuition on the shape of a nonlinearity necessary to perform automatic adaptation.

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  • When Knowledge is Automated: Adapt or adaptationinc

    Adapt or Die: Enabling A Changing World of Work. New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) will provide opportunities for organizations to automate routine tasks and focus on more interesting and valueadded work.

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  • Adaptation in Automated UserInterface Design

    introduced, the automatic design algorithm can learn to handle it by observing the designer's behavior. Adaptation will also benefit researchers, who can discover new information about the way designers make decisions, by observing the results of using the adaptive algorithm. Errors in the automatic design formalism will be easily

    Published in: intelligent user interfaces · 2000Authors: Jacob Eisenstein · Angel R PuertaAbout: Rulebased system · Interface design · Development environment · Decision tree · MacChat Online
  • Liquid Handling Robot Automated Liquid Handler Systems

    The Hudson SOLO™ liquid handling robot is an automated pipettor that can do anything expected of a handheld pipettor, perfectly. It is about half the cost of other laboratory robotics platforms and has options of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 microplate nests on the deck.

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  • Intelligent Systems for Automated Learning and Adaptation

    Intelligent Systems for Automated Learning and Adaptation: Emerging Trends and Appliions presents methodologies, architectures, and approaches on experiential automated learning. This critical mass of sought after research assembles the most intriguing and innovative appliions, advancements, and leading studies on the methodology of

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  • What Is Automatic Motor Adaptation FocusOnDrives

    Motor data on the motor nameplate or from the motor manufacturer's datasheet are given for a specific range of motors, or a specific design, but rarely do those

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  • Automatic Adaptation of Person Association for Multiview

    Automatic Adaptation of Person Association of Multiview Tracking 3 tracking noise. We believe, for the rst time, stable and long duration 3D human tracking has been demonstrated in actual chaotic live group events captured in the wild. Please see supplementary material for reconstructions.

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  • Deep reinforcement learning for automated radiation

    Conclusion: We demonstrated that automated dose adaptation by DRL is a feasible and a promising approach for achieving similar results to those chosen by clinicians. The process may require customization of the reward function if individual cases were to be considered. However, development

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  • A Unified Framework of the Automated Lane Centering

    The automated Lane C hang e (LX) control [6, 7] further broadens the scope of lateral motion control to the multi lane motion control. In this paper, we propose a new feature, Adaptive Lane Centering /Change (ALC ) control . The ALC emphasizes driver interaction and adaptation with the

    Published in: international conference on intelligent transportation systems · 2012Authors: Jinwoo Lee · Bakhtiar LitkouhiAffiliation: General MotorsAbout: Road traffic control · Mobile robot · Algorithm · Automation · Motion control · Traffic simChat Online
  • Strider: Automatic Rate Adaptation and Collision Handling

    Strider provides complete rate adaptation, and handles collisions and interference in a single framework. 2. RELATED WORK There is a large body of prior work on rate adaptation. Most techniques use one of two approaches: estimate channel strength via direct channel state feedback (in

    Published in: acm special interest group on data communiion · 2011Authors: Aditya Gudipati · Sachin KattiAffiliation: Stanford UniversityAbout: Channel capacityChat Online
  • SemiAutomated Adaptation of Service Interactions

    While identifying classes of possible mismatches between service specifiions is important, the problem of service adaptation is not really addressed until we can assist developers in comparing two services, identifying which types of mismatches there are, and in developing the adapter.

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  • Parallel anisotropic mesh adaptation with boundary layers

    The two major classes of mesh adaptation techniques are adaptive remeshing methods and methods that use local mesh modi ion. Remeshing methods [51, 21, 23, 26, 19] construct the desired mesh by regenerating the entire mesh through the appliion of automatic mesh

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  • Automatic Adaptation of Fuzzy Controllers Óbudai Egyetem

    Automatic Adaptation of Fuzzy Controllers Ján Vaščák, Ladislav Madarász Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University of Košice Letná 9, 041 20 Košice, Slovakia [email protected], [email protected]

    Authors: Ladislav MadaraszAffiliation: Technical University of KosiceChat Online
  • Beyond geometrical overlap: a Dosimetrical Evaluation of

    Automated target volumes adaptation could be useful in H&N replanning, but its dosimetric impact has not been analyzed. Primary aim of this investigation is dose coverage assessment in fully automated and edited PTV adaptation settings, compared to manual benchmark.

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  • Towards Automated Mesh Adaptation Using Simplex Cut Cells

    Towards Automated Mesh Adaptation Using Simplex Cut Cells Krzysztof J. Fidkowski Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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