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  • Achievements of Shale Gas Development in CNPC

    Achievements of . Shale Gas Development in CNPC. Ailin Jia. 2 China owns the second largest shale gas resources in the world, only less than USA, and becomes another most successful country management helps enhancing EUR by more than 30%. Production management. Optimal production management: • Initial rate: 1/4~1/5 Q. AOF .

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  • Responsible Shale Development – Enhancing the Knowledge

    Responsible Shale Development Enhancing the Knowledge Base on Shale Oil and Gas in Canada. Energy and Mines Ministers' Conference. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. August 2013. Responsible Shale Development: Enhancing the Knowledge Base on Shale Oil and Gas in Canada. . No. M3414/2013EPDF (Online) Shale gas now accounts for at

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  • Shale Gas and Other Unconventional Sources of Natural Gas

    Today, shale gas is the fastest growing natural gas resource in the United States and worldwide as a result of several recent developments. Advances in horizontal drilling technology allow a single well to pass through larger volumes of a shale gas reservoir and thus produce more gas.

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  • Will water scarcity in semiarid regions limit hydraulic

    A recent global analysis of water resources relative to shale plays indies that an estimated ∼40% of shale resources are in arid areas or in areas of high–extremely high water stress, including China, Mexico, and S Africa, ranked 1st, 6th, and 8th in terms of shale gas production, respectively [1–3].

    Published in: Environmental Research Letters · 2014Authors: Bridget R Scanlon · Robert C Reedy · Jeanphilippe NicotAbout: Water scarcity · Hydraulic fracturing · Brackish water · Waterenergy nexus · GroundwChat Online
  • U.K. Finally Goes Fracking But Benefits Won't Be Visible

    Oct 16, 2018 · "Shale gas has the potential to be a new domestic energy source, enhancing our energy security and delivering economic benefits, including the creation of well paid, quality jobs."

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  • The US shale revolution Financial Times

    The US shale revolution. Papa led it to a strong position in the fastgrowing shale gas industry. boosting economic growth and enhancing America's global influence.

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  • Hydraulic fracturing Wikipedia

    A distinction can be made between conventional, lowvolume hydraulic fracturing, used to stimulate highpermeability reservoirs for a single well, and unconventional, highvolume hydraulic fracturing, used in the completion of tight gas and shale gas wells.

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  • SPE 139701 Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Enhanced

    (Sondergeld, 2010) Gasshale reservoir pore structures are defined in terms of nanometers to micrometers, whereas most tight gas reservoirs are described at a micrometer or larger scale. Both gasshale and tight gas systems have free gas stored within the pores of the rock matrix.

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  • Gas Shale Reservoirs Evaluation Methods 131114

    Gas Production from gas shale reservoirs and CBM is becoming an important new energy source therefore, the petroleum professionals need to learn the principles and techniques to exploit this new resource e˜ciently and economically.

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  • Barnett Shale devonenergy

    The Barnett Shale is a "tight" reservoir that does not allow gas to flow freely to the well bore. Hydraulic fracturing is required to release the trapped gas. After acquiring a substantial position in 2002, Devon was the first to apply horizontal drilling techniques in the Barnett, further enhancing production and transforming the Fort Worth

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  • Evaluating Shale Gas Wells Using Rate and Flowing Surface

    Evaluating Shale Gas Wells Using Rate and Flowing Surface Pressure Data February 6, 2013 [email protected] 2149695401. OUTLINEOUTLINE 1. Shale Gas Production What made it possible? 2. Flowing Material Balance Estimating Contacted OGIP • Shale gas wells are often rateconstrained during the early years of production

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  • Effect of CO2 injectivity on Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery

    Due to its unconventional characteristics, injecting carbondioxide (CO2) to enhance shale gas recovery (ESGR) is a potentially feasible method to increase gasyield while both affording a sink for

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  • Fracking innovations enhancing energy independence TheHill

    In the space of a few short years, the United States has become the world's largest producer of natural gas. In 2000, shale accounted for just 1 percent of U.S. naturalgas supply.

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  • Development of a MultiContinuum MultiComponent

    appliion potential for enhancing shale gas recovery. Introduction There is recent interest in the utilization of shale gas reservoirs as promising targets for Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) processes in EGR, CO2 is injected to simultaneously enhance gas production while sequestering CO2

    Authors: Jiamin Jiang · Yuanyuan Shao · Rami M YounisAffiliation: University of Tulsa · Southwest Petroleum UniversityChat Online
  • Enhancing Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization using

    Enhancing shale gas reservoir characterization using hydraulic fracture microseismic data Shawn Maxwell1* and Mark Norton2 present a case study showing how microseismic data can be a useful part of the mix of geotechnical information sources that, when combined, provide valuable information about shale gas reservoirs.

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  • Petrophysical Evaluation for Enhancing Hydraulic

    The economic recovery of gas from shale reservoirs requires optimal multistage hydraulic stimulation in horizontal wells. Important parameters to consider in shalegas evaluation include gasfilled porosity and total organic content. Mechanical rock properties, including a calculated brittleness

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  • Geomechanics of CO2 enhanced shale gas recovery

    Over the past decade, improved practices of reservoir stimulation and production have made gas shale a viable energy resource. Enhancing gas recovery through the injection of carbondioxide (CO 2) however is yet to be tested in the field (Hussen et al., 2012). Hence, further understanding the behavior of gas shale reservoirs and of methods to

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  • Study Evaluates EOR Potential In Naturally Fractured Shale

    Therefore, the first priority in designing fracture treatments for enhancing oil recovery in shale reservoirs should be maximizing fracture network density, rather than conductivity. Creating dense fracture spacing should lead to more effective completion designs and more benefits for cyclic gas injection EOR.

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  • Industry Article: Enhancing Shale Gas Reservoir

    Shale gas has more than doubled the natural gas reserves in North American, according to estimates by IHS CERA, adding 1200 tcf of shale gas in the US and 500tcf in Canada. Knowledge gained in North America during the last few decades is now being used to benefit the increased interest in shale gas around the world.

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  • CO2Driven Enhanced Gas Recovery and Storage in Depleted

    1 CO 2Driven Enhanced Gas Recovery and Storage in Depleted Shale Reservoir A Numerical Simulation Study Amirmasoud KalantariDahaghi, SPE, West ia University, Shahab D. Mohaghegh, SPE, Intelligent Solutions Inc.,West ia

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  • Report and Plans Released for Enhancing Petrochemicals

    According to the study, natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica Shale reserves accounted for a quarter of all natural gas produced in the U.S. in 2015, and is expected to account for

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  • Simulation about enhancing shale gas recovery by carbon

    This work provides microscopic information about the displacement of CH4 by CO2 in silica nanopores with various size, for the purpose to provide useful guidance for the appliion of enhancing shale gas recovery by CO2.

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  • nat_gas_current_proj

    Improved Drilling and Fracturing Fluids for Shale Gas Reservoirs . The University of Texas at Austin . Shale Gas and Other Natural Gas Resources . Environmental Shale Gas Other Natural Gas Resources. Project Number. Project Name. Primary Performer. DEFE0013723: Development of NanoparticleStabilized Foams To Improve Performance of Water

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  • Home MTARRI EOR or IOR Mixed Gas Technology (EORGAS)

    EOR / IOR Mixed Gas Technology, (EORGAS™) is a mixture of gases used for enhancing EOR / IOR Economics in Shale, Heavy Oil, CO2 Floods, Water Floods. Operating under low pressure and immiscible conditions, can recover oil 2X faster than a pure

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  • The shale gas revolution: Barriers, sustainability, and

    The shale gas revolution: Barriers, sustainability, and emerging opportunities. The mechanisms that control hydraulic fracturing have been extensively studied and are likely the key to enhancing shale gas recovery, .

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  • Enhancing the rheological properties and shale inhibition

    Shale gas simulation considering natural fractures, gas desorption, and slippage flow effects using conventional modified model A numerical simulation study of CO2 injection for enhancing hydrocarbon recovery and sequestration in liquidrich shales

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  • Assessment of CO2 Enhanced Gas Recovery in Shale Gas

    a mandate and funding to test the black shale for CO2 enhanced gas recovery. A new study was initiated to identify candidate wells, conduct reservoir modeling to design a test protocol, and conduct a pressure transient test simulating recompletion of a well to acquire data to improve understanding of enhancing production from gas shales.

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  • Report: Investigating the Role of Wettability in Enhancing

    Reports: DNI9 55591DNI9: Investigating the Role of Wettability in Enhancing Shale Gas Production Brian R. Ellis, PhD, University of Michigan Water loss in low permeability reservoirs during hydraulic fracturing typically results in a decrease in natural gas production due

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  • KM C554e20180717144512

    Enhancing Market Durability by Addressing Domestic Price Disparities A key consideration that supports efforts to expand liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports is the disparity across basins in the United States of natural gas commodity prices.

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  • Carbon dioxide could be locked underground in hunt for

    Carbon dioxide could be captured and permanently stored, while at the same time enhancing the recovery of natural gas from shale reservoirs. Shale gas production, in which natural gas trapped within shale formations is released after a process known as hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – has

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  • Producing Natural Gas From Shale Department of Energy

    Shale gas is natural gas trapped inside formations of shale fine grained sedimentary rocks that can be rich sources of natural gas and petroleum. It was just a few short years ago that much of this resource was considered uneconomical to produce.

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  • EOG Enhancing Eagle Ford Oil Recovery Using Novel NatGas

    EOG Resources Inc. is using a novel way to pull more oil from the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, injecting natural gas into existing wells, which is boosting recovery at a lower price.

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  • Home []

    MEPUSA, a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., is an oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Houston, Texas, which currently has a substantial investment in the Marcellus Shale Gas Project in Pennsylvania and markets natural gas through Mitsui & Co. Energy Marketing Services (USA) Inc., another subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., LTD.

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  • Enhancing Conductivity for the Long Term Halliburton

    Even under more extreme shale well conditions, Expedite agents enabled cleanup of the wells to be begin in just two hours, and reduced proppant flowback by 60% more than conventional proppants. More importantly, Expedite service helped increase average production rates by 30%, and achieved natural gas production of 40 MMcf/D in 65 hours, a 68%

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  • Modeling Complexities Of Natural Fracturing Key In Gas

    REDMOND, WA.–Safe, efficient, and profitable development of shale natural gas resources depends on achieving a clear understanding of the role of natural fractures in shale gas production.Natural fracturing is critical to enhancing stimulation treatment design and optimizing well performance.

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  • No Commercial Discovery Of Shale Gas Reserves In India Yet

    Shale gas, found trapped under sedimentary rock formations, is an important source of energy in the U.S. and Canada. The oil or gas from the reserves is extracted largely through fracking or injecting water, sand or chemicals at high pressure into rocks.

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  • Enhancing the Material Balance Equation for Shale Gas

    –Monolayer of gas on shale surface –Equilibrium established between the free gas and adsorbed gas for a given temperature and pressure Reasoning: –Mathematically easy to calculate –Desorption estimates will be conservative

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  • Enhancing Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Characterization

    The results showed that Upper Safa formation can be considered as shale gas unconventional resource play that consists mainly of kaolinite clay and other mixed clay types. Geochemical pyrolysis analysis is used to confirm the presents of kerogen type III as a shale gas potential reservoir.

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